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This area of Scotland is rich in wildlife and when you visit us please remember to bring your binoculars to get a closer view at the Deer, buzzards, eagles, wild goats, dolphins, whales and many other creatures can be seen in the surrounding area.

Unfortunately we don't yet have a powerful enough digital camera to capture the wildlife for photographs for this web site. We have tried to include some relevant web sites that do have these photographs and more expert information.

If you stay in the cottages or in the caravans you will also see a number of smaller birds, including finches, mallards, swifts, doves and of course loads of sparrows. We are not experts in observing wildlife, we do however greatly appreciate the wide range of creatures we share our community with and hope you will enjoy watching them as well.

If you decide to follow some of the nearby hill and mountain walks you will also see smaller creatures such as frogs and lizards. Apologies to all ardent wildlife photographers, we have only managed to capture a couple of animals with our camera.

Update: Steve Carter has kindly given me permission to include some wildlife photographs from his own website at and from theTorridon and Sheildaig website, both have excellent photographs and information on the Scottish Highlands area around Torridon and Sheildaig.

Where is Camusnagaul?

Camusnagaul is close to Dundonnell, Little Loch Broom. We are near Ullapool and Inverness and this makes for an ideal holiday centre when visiting Scotland and the Scottish Highlands.

You can see a tourist map showing Camusnagaul here.

Miniads for the Camusnagaul website

This is "Charlie" our Camusnagaul web mascot, you will find lots of photographs of her and her two pals - Sam and Hamish on our main web site.

Adventure trips

When you visit Scotland and the Scottish Highlands you can have a relaxing or active holiday, or a combination of both. There is daily adventure trips out from Ullapool on fast (and also slow) tourist boats around the Summer Isles looking for wildlife including dolphins and the occasional whale.

Creag Ard Charters boat is based at Camusnagaul, Dundonnell and can be charted out (including a skipper) for scuba diving and sea fishing trips around the Summer Isles and wrecks including the Jambo and Fairweather V.

Sandy beaches in the Scottish Highlands

Scotland has many wonderful beaches and within 10 minutes of the holiday accommodation at Camusnagaul, Dundonnell you can visit Gruinard Bay and a little further the sandy beaches at Mellon Udrigle.

At Camusnagaul we have two well appointed Scottish Holiday cottages. When you are visiting Scotland on holiday the accommodation around Dundonnell make a great choice for visiting and touring around the Scottish Highlands to such places as Ullapool, Lochinver, Poolewe and Gairloch.

Cottages at Camusnagaul

Each holiday cottage has central heating, a full-sized kitchen and 2 bedrooms. Disabled access is available through a ramp. There is uninterrupted views over Little Loch Broom towards the mountains surrounding the sea loch.


Sandy Beach at Mellon Udrigle is about 30 minutes drive from Dundonnell.

Looking towards An Teallach

This is a view looking towards An Teallach, one of the most famous mountain ranges in Scotland. If you want to bag a Munro - come stay at Camusnagaul as there is over 10 Munros nearby.

Scotland has many wonderful waterfalls and this one is called Ardessie falls, there is a number of waterfalls and one can be seen from the roadside.

Maggie's Tea Room and Craft Shop

Maggie's Tea Room and Craft Shop - Camusnagaul, Dundonnell for lunches and coffee breaks. They also have a wide range of quality gifts and crafts for sale.

Wildlife in Scotland

Wild Stags in the Scottish Highlands
(photo by Stuart MacDonald)

Throughout the Highlands of Scoltand you can observe wildlife, wild flowers, insects and other creatures. When visiting this area you need to look above for eagles and down at your feet for small frogs such as the one pictured below.

Wild Flowers

There are many beautiful wild flowers in the Highlands, some are protected so its better to either look at them or photograph them - just don't pick them, especially rare plants such orchids.

If you wander off the road a little near boggy wet land you will see a number of insectivorous plants, that is plants that catch and digest insects - it may sound horrible, however it does help keep the midges down a little and helps the plants survive in fairly difficult soil conditions - the soil in the Highlands is mainly acid and this locks up some of the essential elements plants need to live. Insectivorous plants catch the insects which help supply them with the element Nitrogen.

Whale, dolphin and porpoise watching

The areas surrounding Camusnagaul are noted for the land based points you can watch for whales, dolphins and porpoises. We have seen dolphins and porpoises at the top of Little Loch Broom, just opposite Maggie's Tea Room and the Cottages and Caravans we have for rent. It's a wonderful site to see and you remember it for years to come. While we can't promise that you will see these animals we can promise you that they are there.

The points nearby where people watch for these creatures is at the Gruinard Bay, this is about 10 minutes away from Camusnagaul. You can also take boat sight seeing trips from Ullapool that also have a good "success" rate of seeing these wonderful creatures close up.

There is an excellent leaflet available in the Tourist Information Centres that is published on Whale, dolphin and porpoise watching in the Scottish Highlands - its full of suggestions and it will also tell you other places to look for these creatures, some nearby such as at Gairloch and Redpoint.

Scotland has many places that are teaming with wildlife and one of these areas is the Isle of Mull on the west coast of Scotland. Mull is reached by ferry from Oban. For local accommodation we have discovered a website on Mull.

This is a site for bird watchers interested in Mull and the Argyll islands, full of lots of information to help plan your birdwatching holiday. Latest Reports page, Sea Eagle reports, Bed & Breakfast, Self Catering Accommodation, Photo gallery with over 200 images of Mull birds, Best birding information and much more.

We have been allowed to add a few pictures to our website just to wet your appetite so to speak.

Sea eagle




See more pictures of birds on the Mull Birds Gallery


Below are wildlife photographs from the website. Steve Carter has kindly allowed me to use a number of photographs.

Wild Stag

Photo and Copyright Steve Carter

Pine Martin in Sheildaig

Photo and Copyright Steve Carter


Photo and Copyright Steve Carter

Peregrine Falcon

Photo and Copyright Steve Carter

Young Shag (thanks for the correction - Clyde Birds)

Photo and Copyright Steve Carter

Blue Tit

Photo and Copyright Steve Carter

For more Wild Bird photos from Steve Carter







Wildlife and photographic web links:

Steve Carter - photo gallery or the main site

The Pine Martin (use your back button to navigate back to main menu on this site)

Laurie Campbell - professional photographer's wildlife photo gallery

Scottish Badgers website provides and insite into this fascinating creature and how you can observe them in Scotland.

More pictures can be found on the webmasters Scotland Pictures photo gallery.





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