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Hi I am Charlie "one stripe" and I come originally from Gairloch, Wester Ross where I was born in June 2001 and looked after by Di who used to own the Serendipity gift shop in Gairloch.

I love sandy beaches, walking and playing catch the ball with my two "people" - Richard (who made this web site) and Theresa (who puts up with Richard working on his computer when he is on holiday - silly person). Still as long as they have plenty of time taking me and my two pals - Sam and Hamish to the beach I don't mind.

I just look gorgeous don't I?

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Where is Camusnagaul?

Camusnagaul is near Dundonnell, Little Loch Broom. If you are traveling from Aultbea to Ullapool you will find that Camusnagaul is just under an hour's drive. On the way you will pass Laide and the wonderful clean sandy beaches at Gruinard, so it may well take over an hour after you have stopped to enjoy the scenery and paddled in the sea at Gruinard visit our home page on the Scottish Highlands.

If you are driving from Ullapool it also takes around about 1 hour to travel to Camusnagaul.

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You can see more photos of me (Charlie) on the Photo Sharing Digital Photo site and on the Pictures of Scotland photo gallery.

Please remember to check out our Scottish Highlands home page for your visit to Scotland.

This me looking gorgeous

I can honestly say that Camusnagaul is the best place for dogs to come on holiday, the beach at Gruinard is only 12 minutes away by car and when the tide is out there is lots of space to play in and out of the water. There are also lots of walks for taking dogs - as long as you are careful that not to allow us to chase sheep, if in doubt please keep your dog(s) on the lead when there is sheep around - although I am so well behaved you don't have to do that with me.

The beach at Gruinard bay and Gairloch does not have sheep nearby so it's a fairly safe place to play with us dogs. The beach is also a great place for kids and adults - you can swim in the sea when the tide is in. The Beach at Mellon Udrigle has sheep grazing nearby so please be careful and never allow dogs to chase or annoy sheep - we can get shot by annoyed farmers, especially when the sheep are carrying lambs. Also please remember to clean up after us - we can't do it so it's up to our people to carry "poo bags" and clean up and dispose of the bags correctly in bins - or take it away from the beach to the nearest bin. This makes sure that the beach and elsewhere is not spoiled for people, especially children's enjoyment.

This is me all grown up - and very tired after exercising Richard (my so called owner) on the beach for a couple of hours - its hard work looking after these people you know.

This me really tired

This is me as a pup

This is me - Charlie "one stripe" as a pup at Camusnagaul in the summer of 2001 and below I am again on holiday at Camusnagaul in 2004 and 3 years old.

I am at Camusnagaul when I was 3 years old

Here I am playing yet again - trying to teach Richard the game of fetch - the silly person just keeps throwing the ball away, does he not know he is supposed to catch the ball with his teeth!

This is me on a beach

We are about to develop a new site on dogs and you can see a nice picture of "Charlie" on the home page of this dog website called happy waggy tails

This is Hamish, my pal, he may be the smallest of us three dogs, however he does cast a long shadow. He also chases rabbits and sheep and is always kept on a lead when there are sheep around.

This is my pal Hamish

Below is Sam, he is the oldest of us dogs although you would never know as he keeps running nearly as fast as me after the balls and water toys thrown in the water for us to fetch.

This is my other pal Sam

This is sam digging in the sand

Sam just loves digging holes in the sand; personally I don't understand his hobby.

This is my pals and me - notice that Sam and Hamish are being held by their leads, I am so well behaved that I always do what I am told and don't need a lead. However I always use a lead when I am walking near cars and other traffic - I do this to make sure that Richard and Theresa don't get run over, I mean they are both so silly they don't even know how to fetch a ball properly or round up sheep.

This is me and my gang

This is Sam trying to show off - please don't tell Ishbel that we get to sleep on the chairs - we might not get allowed back again to Camusnagaul to stay in the caravan at Maggie's Tea Room and Craft Shop. I have also stayed at Mrs Ross's cottages and was made very welcome there, although Sam dropped lots of hair everywhere (he always does). So we always need to have Theresa use the hoover to clean up after us.

This is Sam showing off This is me really sleepy

And after a hard day at the beach we all like to have a nice sleep. Thanks for taking the time to look at my photographs.

Charlie "one stripe"

..... and if you don't know by now I am a girl dog, the other two are boys (as you probably could guess from their names)

.... and my favourite doggy web site is dogstrust as not all dogs are as well looked after as me and my pals. This web site also has a very impressive list of links on doggy information sites.

Sam always tries to keep one eye open when he is sleeping - I personally think this is a bit too much like a "guard dog" - and I am a really a sheep dog.

This is sam dog tired - get the joke



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