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Highland Holiday Cottages at Camusnagaul near Dundonnell

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Fisherfield Walk

Wester Ross

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Wester Ross is a beautiful place and ideal for an unforgetable Scottish holiday in the Highlands.

What we love about this area of the Scottish Highlands is the varied and beautiful scenery that changes in mood for every season of the year. In winter Wester Ross can be inhospitable; wet, windy and cold and that is on a good day! If you want solitude then visit Wester Ross in late autumn and winter, the colours in the hills and mountains are unforgetable; it is different at this time of year, empty and desolate, yet when you see the highlands with a covering of snow you will not want to be anywhere else and you will find peace and quiet to contemplate and relax. Of course there is the other site to Winter in the Highlands - skying, snowboarding, mountain climbing, hill walking (without the midgies!).

During the spring, summer and autumn you will experience the Jewel of Scotland at it's best - golden sunrises and sunsets, rainbows that stretch across highland sea lochs and mountains, and the most beautiful scenery you will ever see, anywhere.

Of course there is also the wildlife; dolphins, (and whales if you are patient and lucky), eagles and buzzards, as well as thousands of deer. Just remember we don't have many fences in the north west coast of Scotland so our wildlife (as well as cows and sheep) tend to think they have "right of way" on our roads. Having few fences does give you a feeling of openness that you rarely experience elswhere.

In summer you will experience warm evenings and sunsets that will set your heart afire. During June and July you can easily be outside at midnight watching the sky light up with the northern lights in the sky. I do not have the words to describe it, nor pictures, you just have to visit and see it for yourself.

We have a few local area guides and maps of the area we hope you find useful. Poolewe, Aultbea, Camusnagaul & Dundonnell.

Use Our "zoomable" Wester Ross Map and Ullapool area map to plan your next Scotland Trip. The Interactive map of Scotland gives you all of Scotland and you can quickly zoom into the area you are interested in.

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Wester-Ross has many small communities including Gairloch, Poolewe, Aultbea and Dundonnell. These communities rely heavily on tourism and we hope that our promotional page for this area will help you decide to spend your next vacation in this area of Scotland.

Gairloch is a well know holiday destination and is surrounded by many other small hamlets and villages, most with holiday accommodation to suit most people's requirements. Gairloch has beautiful beaches as well as nearby hills and mountains for more vigourous activities. The many hill lochs can be fished at a low daily, or weekly rate, just ask at the local shops for information on getting a permit. Sea fishing is free, and you can fish from the harbour or the rocky shoreline. Just ask the locals where the best fishing places are, they may tell you if you ask nicely!

The best and most reliable way of catching fish is to either hire a boat and fish in Gairloch Bay, or go on one of the fishing trips from Gairloch Harbour. If fishing is not your idea of a great holiday then there are many other things you can do including a day trip to the Isle of Skye on the fast hovercraft operating from Gairloch. Other more peaceful trips can be taken looking for dolphins, whales and other wildlife. Gairloch has many locations nearby where you will be able to see eagles and buzzards as well as numerious other birds.

For other Wester Ross cottages the Highland Holiday website has three cottages in the area. Frank & Dianne Buckley also have another cottage in Melvaig, the website for this cottage is called Cottages Highlands.

There are also a number of caravan and campsites in Gairloch, one in centre of "town" and the other a few miles drive at the Big Sands. The Youth Hostel is also near the Big Sands Caravan and Camping site.

Wester Ross Retreats has information on holiday accommodation around the Gairloch and Poolewe area. More pictures of "Charlie" and other dogs on our dog website and her holiday blog.

While Gairloch is the largest of the communities in Wester Ross there are many other places you need to have on your travel map when visiting this area. Poolewe is a must see along with the outstandly scenic area around Loch Maree. Arguably the most beautiful of all Scottish lochs, Loch Maree is simply lovely in all weathers, infact you have not seen the loch in all it's moods until you see a rainbow over this loch and the changes that take place with the sun shimmering over the surface. Loch Maree is probably one of the most photographed areas of Scotland and if you happen to catch a magic moment, share it with us and we will put your picture up on our website, just contact the webmaster (send an email introducing yourself first before sending the photo). Below is a picture of Loch Maree and we have a few more on our Loch Maree page. See more on our Fisherfield walk page

Hotels in Scotland

Hotels are a convienent way to travel around the Scottish Highlands and you will find welcoming hotels in Wester Ross. Being able to have a meal without washing up and finish it off with one of the dozens of malts and whiskies that are often available is a nice relaxing way to spend an evening. Of course you may want to travel around and that is where our bed and breakfast accommodation is ideal allowing you to spend a couple of days in one place and then moving on to discover other highlands treasures.

If you want to explore an area then it is best to plan at least a week in each place and this is where our other highland accommodation comes into it's own, the cottage. You can relax, get up when you want, and go to bed as early or as late as you wish without feeling guilty. If you combine this with eating out, it is as close to paradise as most of us want to get!



The National Trust Gardens at Poolewe is another must see location in Wester Ross, and while you are in the area a trip to Mellon Udrigle and Firemore beaches are a must. The gardens were built by Osgood Mackenzie and the soild for the garden was brought in to make the gardens you now see. The shelterbelt of trees along with the mild winters has meant that the gardens have many semi-tropical plants growing outside. The National Trust also has a restaurant and gift shop at the gardens.  


Ok we are not the Scottish Tourist Board, and certainly not Visit Scotland - we just do our best to encourage you to visit Scotland and see our wonderful country. Remember to visit Ullapool, Poolewe, Aultbea and Dundonnell.

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