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Our beautiful collie on holiday in the Scottish Highlands when she was 2 years old.

Dogs on Pet Friendly Holidays

Taking your dog on holiday with you can lead to some of the best memories of your pet as both you and your dog have a great time, without you feeling guilty of leaving your dog(s) in kennels. It can also keep your costs down as you no longer have to pay for kennel care. Sadly not all holiday accommodation allows pets, and I was shocked when I came across camping and caravan sites that do not allow dogs, I mean what is that about?

Well the sad fact is that some pet owners are not as responsible as they should be, from allowing their dogs to run wild where there is farm animals around, to not cleaning up after their dog does it business. Some holiday accommodation owners have had the unfortunate experience of finding their accommodation left in a mess by people with pets who have not even tried to clean up after their dog - most dogs do drop hair and if this is then all over chairs, sets and carpets it can put off people allowing pets to stay in their accommodation.

Luckily there is a lot of people who also have dogs and welcome pets in their cottage, bed and breakfast and hotels, sometimes they do add a surcharge per dog, to help cover the extra time and cost to clean the accommodation after pets have stayed. Compared to kennel costs then an extra £25 per dog should not be considered a lot for this service. As a person who always takes their dogs on holiday we have often spent a couple of hours cleaning up before leaving so that we try and not give the cleaners extra work due to our dogs hair. It makes us feel better and we also get welcomed back the next time we visit.

Even when holiday providers do not allow dogs in their cottage or hotel some do provide outside kennels where dogs can be kept overnight. Another alternative is that your dogs can be left in the car overnight, remembering to make sure that the car does not overheat early in the morning as the sun rises early in the Scottish Highlands (around 5am in summer). As our dogs have got older they are more relaxed sleeping in the car, but we do have a car that is "dog orientated" with the back seats removed to give the dogs space. We also can leave the windows open fairly wide as the car is so old that nobody would ever consider stealing it!

The best choice is finding holiday accommodation that welcomes dogs and where both you and your dogs can relax when you are not out spending time on the beach, or on walks with your dogs.

One thing to remember is that dogs in cars can die due to heat stroke, and sadly some do. So always be aware that dogs should never be left in cars without plenty of ventilation, ideally under shade and always kept under supervision.  So if you go in for a meal, you need to check on them regularly as the car may quickly heat up even with windows open.

Even after your pets have passed on your memories of them enjoying themselves at the beach or on walks will remain with you forever. Some of the best times with my own dogs have been on holiday with them in the Scottish Highlands where there is the space and freedom to enjoy sandy beaches and hill walks in beautiful scenery.

Just a note, not to spoil your dream but to bring a bit of reality of having your dog(s) with you on holiday, is that in the Highlands people and livestock often come in close proximity, so please be sensible and keep your dog(s) on a lead where there is any sign of sheep, cattle, hens or ducks or other livestock.

Do not allow your dog to run into fields and chase sheep, and when in the hills remember that if your dog gets the scent of a deer they may take off and chase the deer.  If your dog takes off after deer you may have to wait many hours for them to come back, in the worst case scenario they may get lost on the hill/mountain and you will not find them.

With a little care you and your dog can have a wonderful holiday in the Highlands of Scotland.

Pet Friendly Cottage

Whatever you want in a highland holiday I am sure you will find it in the area known as Wester Ross, with Camusnagaul offering you a central location to explore this area. The holiday accommodation on offer in this small community is ideal for families and individuals and also welcomes pets. We hope you book your next holiday in our self-catering cottage, find out more by following the cottages link provided.

Self Catering Holiday Cottage overlooking Little Loch Broom in the Scottish Highlands

Camusnagaul self catering cottage Ceol-na-Mara overlook Little Loch Broom and are available all year round. Book now for beautiful scenery and a peaceful location surrounded by mountains and nearby sandy beaches.

Sleeps up to 6 persons. Pets are welcome. Cot available. For the latest information and photographs please go to our page for online booking.

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Visit our home page for contact details if you want to stay in our bed and breakfast, or caravan at Camusnagaul.

Holiday cottages in the Highlands of Scotland

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If the cottage at Camusnagaul is booked when you have your holiday or short break planned then the Cottages website has over 2000 self-catering cottages available throughout Scotland, and more in England, Wales, France and Italy.

Pictures of the webmasters dogs on holiday at Camusnagaul

Dogs on holiday near Camusnagual

Dogs on holiday near Camusnagaul.

Dog in the Highlands of Scotland

Sam loved being on holiday at Camusnagaul, picture taken near Camusnagaul in Wester Ross.

Our dogs loved the water when on holiday - Dogs on Holiday in Scotland

Our dogs on holiday in Wester Ross while staying at Camusnagaul.


Our wonderful dog, Charlie, on holiday in Wester Ross when she was young.

Collie in the Highlands of Scotland